Alpac / Stage One Music

Categories: 23 Sep 2016

An original member of Gain Greene, Harlem rapper Alpac represents his native block of 140th and Lennox to the fullest. Just one street away from the corner that legendary rapper Big L dubbed the Danger Zone, 140th is now best known as the place that raised Gain Greene founder Max B. Alpac became a certified lyrical problem. Taking note of his young friend’s undeniable talent, Max Biggavel assured Alpac that he would help put him on once they both touched down.

Back in the streets as of 2006, it wasn’t long before the young gunner became Gain Greene’s official new recruit. Fiercely loyal to Max B, Alpac demonstrates his readiness for battle on, “She Touched It In Miami,” a scathing Jim Jones diss track. Confident about his label’s future, Alpac envisions Gain Greene/ Phase One turning into a movement greater than Roc-A-Fella was in the 90′s. “We gonna take Gain Greene to the top. Everybody talking about how New York needs a new face. I’m gonna bring New York back.”