Xavier White

Categories: 01 Feb 2012

Born in a small town, Xavier White grew up listening to his grandfather playing the drums and his mother playing the best of R. Kelly and Usher. Around the age of 16, Xavier contended in his high school talent show and sang one of his favorite songs at the time, “So Sick” by Ne-Yo.

Xavier released his first EP ‘Our Last Memories’ at the age of 23. He is currently hitting main stream media with multiple publications calling him the next R&B superstar. Currently, his single “New York Times” is garnering major attention from fans and media alike. Xavier’s second EP, Cancer Vs. Gemini was released in early June 2016. ‘Cancer Vs. Gemini’ reached a few hundred thousand streams in its first month of being released, also making it to several popular Spotify playlists around the world including the highly sought after ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist. Xavier’s ‘Cancer Vs. Gemini’ has given him the push to start winning competitions and selling out venues around New York City, which is quickly starting to spread to the east and west coasts.